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We recently had LAndon Life bloggers, Laura Almond and Lawrence Archer come to stay with us here at The Queen. It was a great honour to have them write about not only their food experience but also their night in one of our three shepherds huts! 

"Now not only does The Queen offer great food they’ve just opened a couple of Shepherd’s huts in the back garden for a spot of glamping. Perfect for couples and of course friends who want a weekend away in Suffolk. Having just come back from Glastonbury it was absolute luxury to be staying in such beautiful huts, complete with comfy double bed, soft bedsheets, electric lights and plug sockets. Oh and of course the use of clean showers and toilets a stone’s throw away.At the moment they just have three but the plan is to expand further and add a few more. All the huts are built by a local craftsman called Julian Faithfull, the amount of detail that goes into them is just incredible. It was a great nights sleep, waking up to the birds singing was rather blissful."

Please do check out the full article here:

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