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The Queen

Halloween at The Queen

As it is the first of October and the supermarkets are starting to fill with florescent sweets and nylon costumes, we at The Queen have decided to make our own plans for the month. 

On Thursday 29th October there are only two more days left in the countdown for Halloween, and it is Alexander's 30th birthday! In light of this, we've decided to host a pumpkin carving competition to get everyone ready for Saturday and give Alexander a bit of much needed time out front. Alongside pumpkin carving there will be pumpkin soup, toffee apples and other Halloween themed treats for those who would like to make an evening of it. 

Carving commencing at 5:30pm

If you would like to reserve one of our pumpkins, please leave a comment, ring, or send us an email and we will book that for you. If not, it is strictly BYOP (bring your own pumpkin)!
The Judge/s have yet to be decided, so all suggestions are welcome.


The second big event at The Queen is Halloween itself. We know that many of you will have plans for trick or treating, but we would love it if you came round for some fun and games before it gets dark. There will be apple bobbing, donuts on a string, squash bowling and much more to tire the little ones out before the sugar rush! This will be happening from 3:30 till 7pm as dinner is being served as normal. 

See you all soon!

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